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Chao avi tuuorial

2009-10-15 16:57:44 by TheStudious13th

Here are some basics to avatars. I uploaded this for the lazy-ass sonic fans out there. YOU'RE WELCOME.
Just as well, heres every thing you need for a basic chao avatar sprite. And no, I will NOT take
requests for Nights chao or any other chao.

Chao avi tuuorial


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2009-10-22 18:15:10

those look like messed up pieces of bacon

TheStudious13th responds:

What do?


2009-11-01 22:07:27

cool. And BTW i uploaded some stuff. Check it out, and comment on wat u think.

TheStudious13th responds:

Thank you, and I will.


2009-11-06 14:54:45

you dont have to wait till your older to be a artist, just pracitce naow.

TheStudious13th responds:

Who said I will?